Project Background

The main goal regarding this project was to add an extension to the already existing Smith House based on the clients preferences. This allowed the creative addition of a new wing to the house while also following Richard Meier's existing architectural style


The Marinakis family just moved to the United States due to the father getting a promotion at his job and has decided to purchase the Smith House.The Marinakis family believes in core Greek family values which means that they are all very close with one another and always try to find time in the day to spend time all together. In regards to the design of the house the family wants the overall design to resemble that of a modern Greek house and believe that is essential to have enough spaces where the family can spend time all together, besides the room to spend time with his family Mr.Marinakis is also requesting that he has a small office space in order to complete his work at home. Mr. and Mrs. Marinakis also requested a master bedroom to have a private space for themselves.


  1. Family Room

  2. Master Bedroom

  3. Weight Room


Public:                         Private:

Family Room               Master Bedroom

Dining Room               Office

Kitchen                        Childrens Bedrooms


Individual:                   Group:

Master Bedroom         Family Room

Childrens Bedrooms   Dining Room

Bathrooms                  Outdoor Space


Quiet:                           Loud:

Master Bedroom          Family Room

Childrens Bedrooms    Kitchen

Bathrooms                   Dining Room

                                    Outdoor Space

Original Floor Plans

Contextual Analysis

Design Ideas

Design I

Design II

Design III

Preliminary Design

Final Design

Final Elevations

Final Video

Final Floor Plans

3D Sections

Interior Views